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    Wanda Harris has spent two decades as a dedicated, gifted, certified facilitator, developing and implementing effective healing and revitalization techniques for caregivers, domestic abuse survivors, and those in bereavement. Her unique approach uses learn more ..


    Maura Geraghty’s career began from the outside in. As a licensed cosmetologist with companies such as Matrix, Wella and Swarztkopt, she fine tuned her visual acuity and ability to identify client concerns. This lead Maura to pursue her interest in holistic learn more ..

  • Our mission and our passion is to help those struggling with stress to create a physical, emotional and spiritual balance. We do this through a number of tools, including movement, touch, voice, and writing, as well as whatever else is necessary to provide help and compassion. Our programs are available at the individual and group level, and are customized depending on need and organization.


    • To guide our clients in achieving a balanced and peaceful life
    • To help our clients resolve internal and external conflicts
    • To treat each client as an individual, with all the respect and compassion that entails
    • To acknowwledge that “one size doesn’t fit all”; that for our clients to achieve a stress-free life we must make available tools and techniques designed for specific needs
  • Our PROGRAMS..

    AMUSEMENT HEALING! (The feel good healing workshop). A comical, fun, interactive workshop that uses an array of whimsical, eclectic and unconventional methods grounded in humor. By learn more . .

    TEAM PLAYING PEOPLE CONNECTOR – The solution to team building issues in both work and academic environments. Focusing on developing a shared common vision, this creative program Learn more

    GRIEF HANDLER ON THE GO! supports an individual in understanding the grieving process from a new perspective. The tools and techniques in this program are specifically designed to enhance Learn more

    INDIGO PARENTS is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Indigo Children club. Parents will use personalized Learn more

    NAMELESS TECHNIQUE – A fun, practical and lighthearted approach to addressing stress. The Nameless Technique motivates participants to move beyond barriers byLearn more

  • It’s Coming . . Futuristic Fitness!!

    1. KIDS PERSONALITY SNEAKERS (KPS). Kids Personality Sneakers is the next step in the footwear world. “FULLY IMPACTED” the kids can create it, change it, color it. It’s multifaceted, unique and designed to promote creativity and serve as a platform for self development>

    2. THE ? ROOM TV SHOW - Where the Healing is in the Game

    3. SANITY CAFE. -A cafe designed to ease what stresses you

    See it, smell it, hear it, a cardio vascular workout that you have never experienced, guaranteed to knock the old boring workout out of the box!

    It’s coming . . Stay tuned for more . .

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